Mayettes Restaurant, 3331 Danforth Ave M1l, Toronto Oakridge

Mayettes Restaurant

3331A Danforth Ave M1L 1C5

(416) 463-0338

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Mayettes Restaurant

Welcome! Taste the fusion of Spanish and Asian cuisine with delightful Filipino cooking. Dine, Drink and Feast like never before. Pleasure your palates all the more. At Mayettes, every guest is entitled to savor the flavor of Original, Authentic, Distinct Filipino Culinary Tradition. Gratify your gastronomic cravings while you indulge in an ambiance of warm hospitality meal after meal. Celebrate great affordable food, the Filipino way…only at Mayettes.

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Restaurant rating: 4.9 out of 5 with 14 ratings
  • Mayettes famous seafood noodles as seen on Sun TV recently
on Street Eats.
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